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The company is mainly engaged in the processing and sales of casings, and its products are exported to Germany, Poland, Romania and other places. The EU registration number is 3200/05106.


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The casing is a tough, translucent film made by scraping the large and small intestine of livestock. According to animal types, it can be divided into three categories: pig casing, sheep casing, and cow casing, and can be divided into small intestine casing and large intestine casing. Mainly used as a wrapper for filling sausages and enemas; Sheep intestines can also be made into catgut for making Tennis racquet thread, bow string and surgical suture. The casings are divided into pig casings, sheep casings, and cow casings by animal type. There are large intestinal casings and small intestinal casings according to their location. The intestine is divided into four layers from the inside out: mucosa, submucosa, muscular layer, and serosa. According to the different requirements of livestock and processed products, the treatment of the upper four layers is also different. Good quality casings should be tough and translucent. The emerging one is collagen edible casing. The casing is the outer packaging of sausages, and its basic function is to ensure that sausages do not deteriorate under specific conditions and times, in order to meet the needs of storage and circulation. This function is provided by the barrier indicators of the casing, namely oxygen barrier, water vapor barrier, and fragrance barrier.

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