Jul 13,2023

What are the benefits of pig sausage coating for sausage manufacturing

What are the benefits of using pig intestines for sausage manufacturing? In the fields of food, meat, seafood, food, and chemical products, pig intestines are often used for packaging to end excellent barrier properties, chemical resistance, high-temperature and low-temperature resistance, and mechanical functions.

Jul 13,2023

Advantages and uses of collagen casing

Collagen casing is a type of edible and breathable casing, usually made from the skin layer, tendons, and collagen of animal skin. It contains abundant collagen, which can increase skin elasticity, while also strengthening muscles and bones, enhancing physical fitness.

Jul 13,2023

Characteristics of collagen casing

The main raw material for collagen casing is animal leather, and currently the main raw material used is cowhide. Collagen casings have the following characteristics:

Jul 13,2023

Can the skin outside the sausage be eaten? Natural casing is edible

In China, there are many traditional specialty snacks, and sausage is one of them. Initially popular in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and some other regions in the south, but now, it can be said that sausages are popular throughout the country, especially in winter when many families prepare some sausages.

Jul 13,2023

Method of making sheep casing

1. Soaking and bleaching: Soak the sausage in warm water at 28-33 ℃ for 18-24 hours. Warm water should be poured into the intestine during soaking.

Jul 13,2023

How to judge the quality of casing?

1. The barrier of casing refers to the degree to which it blocks oxygen, water vapor, and fragrance. Good barrier properties can provide sausages with a longer shelf life and shelf life, avoiding returns due to spoilage during the shelf life, and ensuring that the freshness and aroma of the sausages are not lost.

Jul 13,2023

Storage method of casing

The proper use and storage methods of casing are also important for the effectiveness of casing. The storage environment for casings generally requires a dry, ventilated, and dark place below 25 ℃. Please follow the method recommended by the casing factory to use it. Improper use can have a negative impact on the quality of sausages.

Jul 13,2023

Reasons for the loss of nutritional value of casings

This change occurs from the outside in. First, turn the outer layer of the sausage from pink to light, white, and then gradually turn grayish brown. Cut the sausage horizontally to see an oxidation circle, and the longer the time, the deeper the oxidation circle.

Jan 20,2021

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