Can the skin outside the sausage be eaten? Natural casing is edible

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Jul 13,2023

In China, there are many traditional specialty snacks, and sausage is one of them. Initially popular in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and some other regions in the south, but now, it can be said that sausages are popular throughout the country, especially in winter when many families prepare some sausages.

Dachshund is mainly made from meat as the raw material, which is then crushed into small pieces before adding various seasonings, and then poured into the casing for fermentation and drying. After being made, the sausage can be preserved for a long time and is very fresh and fragrant. When making sausages, they usually start making them in early winter, and then wait until the cold winter and twelfth lunar month to prepare them. The prepared sausages are very delicious no matter how they are eaten.

In the south, sausages are usually eaten every year during the Chinese New Year, and they are usually made by the older generation of the family. In early winter, the elders of each household start to purchase the ingredients for making sausages. Moreover, the sausages made by the older generation themselves not only have a very delicious taste, but also do not have to worry about the safety of the ingredients. And now many supermarkets have ready-made sausages for sale, so some people who think making sausages is too troublesome will buy these ready-made sausages, and these sausages also have a casing on the outside. So what is this casing made of? Can we eat it or not?

In fact, whether it's homemade or purchased sausages, there is a transparent casing on the surface of the sausages, which is used to fix the meat inside. Generally, people do not intentionally remove it when eating, and they eat it together with the sausages, and this casing is also very chewy. So what is the outer casing of the sausage made of? I have heard some rumors before that this casing is made of rubber, so is this true?

In fact, if the outer casing of the sausage is believed to be made of rubber, it would be too unreliable. For the outer layer of sausage casing, it is generally divided into natural casing and artificial casing. And natural casings are generally made from pig intestines or sheep intestines. For artificial casings, they are generally made of synthetic collagen, and both types of casings can be used with confidence without any harm. And generally, if you make sausages at home, you use natural casings made from pig farms. Not only is the cost very low, but it is also very healthy and safe, and the taste will be better. However, for sausages purchased outside, artificial casings are generally used, as this is very helpful for mass production. Therefore, whether it is homemade or bought outside, this casing does not need to be deliberately removed and can be used. Moreover, the casing on the outside of the sausages is also very chewy and delicious. It's very delicious.

However, overall, the natural casing of homemade sausages is more delicious, and there is a protein fiber component in the natural casing. This casing not only has a very low cost, but also is safer and healthier. Therefore, if you prefer to eat sausages






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