Method of making sheep casing

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Jul 13,2023

1. Soaking and bleaching: Soak the sausage in warm water at 28-33 ℃ for 18-24 hours. Warm water should be poured into the intestine during soaking.

2. Intestinal scraping: Place the soaked inner wall of the original intestine outward on a flat wooden board, and use a bamboo board, blade less scraper, or scraping machine to scrape off the mucosal and muscular layers of the intestine.

3. Irrigation: Rinse the scraped casing with water and cut off any damaged parts.

4. Measurement code: Divide the sheep intestines into six channels according to the caliber size: one channel is over 22mm, two channels are 20-22mm, three channels are 18-20mm, four channels are 16-18mm, five channels are 14-16mm, and six channels are 12-14mm. Each one to five routes shall not exceed 18 sections, each six routes shall not exceed 20 sections, and each section shall not be less than 1 meter.

5. Pickling: Spread out the divided casings and sprinkle with refined salt, then tie them up and put them into a bamboo sieve placed on a wooden bucket or jar. Marinate for 12 to 13 hours, and drain the salt water.

6. Soaking and washing: Wrap the salted casing around it to form a semi-finished product called "light sausage". Soak the sausages in clean water and wash them repeatedly (the water temperature should not be too high).

7. Routing and coding: Fill the washed intestines with water, check for any damage, and route and tie them according to the caliber and specifications of the casing.

8. Sausage and wrapping: Sprinkle refined salt on the casing of the split bundle to marinate. After the water is drained, wrap it into bundles to form the "clean intestines" product.






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