Advantages and uses of collagen casing

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Jul 13,2023

Collagen casing is a type of edible and breathable casing, usually made from the skin layer, tendons, and collagen of animal skin. It contains abundant collagen, which can increase skin elasticity, while also strengthening muscles and bones, enhancing physical fitness.

The properties of collagen casings are similar to those of natural casings, but they are also easier to produce than natural casings. Due to the limited production of traditional natural casing products, there has been a shortage of casing supply in the market. The emergence of collagen casing has solved this problem and has unparalleled advantages over natural casing. It is very popular among users and has a good development prospect in China.

1、 Qualification standards for collagen casing

The "Hygienic Standards for Collagen Casings" stipulate that collagen casings must meet the following conditions:

1. In terms of shape: it should be in a seamless tube shape, without holes or adhesions.

2. Color: It should be semi transparent beige.

3. Odor: It should have a weak smoky or collagen specific odor.

2、 Advantages of collagen casing

1. Good taste, good transparency, and simple production process.

2. Highly breathable and breathable. Collagen casings have the ability to "breathe", allowing gas and water to penetrate during smoking or cooking without causing loss of content flow. Due to its unique structure, it can fully inhale smoked spices into sausages and preserve their fragrance intact (within the shelf life). Products packaged in collagen casings can be fried and will not fall off during storage and cooking.

3. Thermal stability. Protein casings can maintain consistent product size during cooling and storage, without the appearance of air bubbles, thus ensuring product quality.

4. Good elasticity. Collagen casings are elastic and can be overfilled with 5-7% content.

5. Aesthetics. The natural contraction of the protein casing can ensure a smooth and beautiful surface of the sausage; Secondly, using protein casings during quantitative enema can maintain a neat and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the product during the enema period; Once again, using colored protein casings can improve the aesthetics of the product.

3、 The use of collagen casing

(1) Smoked non smoked steamed sausages, such as Frankfurt and Vienna sausages.

(2) Sausages that require frying and baking (high temperature resistance), such as breakfast sausages and Taiwanese grilled sausages.

(3) Chinese style sausage.

(4) Salami fermented sausage.

(5) Fresh and frozen intestines.

(6) Round ham (large diameter casing)

In short, collagen casings are suitable for various edible casings such as crispy sausage, hot dog sausage, Taiwan sausage, Ham sausage, breakfast sausage, dried sausage, etc. (they can replace animal casings)






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