Characteristics of collagen casing

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Jul 13,2023

The main raw material for collagen casing is animal leather, and currently the main raw material used is cowhide. Collagen casings have the following characteristics:

Collagen casings come in various lengths, diameters, and thickness specifications; Strong toughness; Unique taste; The product specifications are highly consistent and uniform.

Collagen casings are suitable for highly automated mass production of sausages due to their uniform shape, and are therefore popular among sausages manufacturers with a focus on improving production efficiency and expanding production capacity.

Collagen casings have the properties of food and contain a large amount of amino acid nutrients, which will not cause any harm to the human body after consumption.

Due to its uniform and highly consistent quality, collagen casings can be easily compressed into tubes or rolled into tubes during packaging, making them easy to transport and store. They can be stored and transported at room temperature without special treatment, with a shelf life of two to three years. The shelf life is two to three years.

Natural casing comes from the internal organs of animals (mainly pigs, cows, and sheep) and is the earliest type of casing used as a traditional packaging material for canned goods. Its characteristics are edible, permeable, heat shrinkable, and adhesive to meat fillings. Adhesion.

However, natural casings have the following drawbacks:

The cleaning and processing of animal intestines is heavy and laborious, which is not conducive to mechanization and has high operating costs;

There are many natural bends in the animal intestines that are unfavorable for sausage production;

The thickness of an animal's intestines varies with the individual and part of the animal, and the intensity also varies. These shortcomings hinder the standardization and mechanized large-scale production of sausages






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