What are the benefits of pig sausage coating for sausage manufacturing

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Jul 13,2023

What are the benefits of using pig intestines for sausage manufacturing? In the fields of food, meat, seafood, food, and chemical products, pig intestines are often used for packaging to end excellent barrier properties, chemical resistance, high-temperature and low-temperature resistance, and mechanical functions. When using pig casing as a packaging for low-temperature sausage products, it plays a very important role in the production, sale, circulation, and storage of the sausage products. Pig casing must be able to protect the sausage from microbial, chemical, and physical pollution; And it is also necessary to adhere to the physical conditions required for sausages; And it can also inform the purchaser of the ingredients included in the sausage.

In order to fulfill the above functions, there is a high quality requirement when selecting pig casings: ① The selected pig casings should have excellent barrier properties for oxygen, water vapor, and fragrance; ② Must have good physical and mechanical functions to meet the technical requirements of enema; ③ It should have good meat viscosity to prevent water and meat juice from overflowing from the meat; ④ Quality pig casings should have safe and reliable food hygiene; ⑤ To have the ability to withstand steaming and cooking, and meet the sterilization technology requirements of sausages; ⑥ Pig sausage clothing should ensure excellent external brightness and printing effect; ⑦ After all, it is important to have excellent specifications, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. The above is the benefit of using pig intestines to make sausages. What kind of pig intestines belong to qualified products, only qualified pig intestines are needed to make excellent sausages and ensure food health.






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