Storage method of casing

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Jul 13,2023

The proper use and storage methods of casing are also important for the effectiveness of casing. The storage environment for casings generally requires a dry, ventilated, and dark place below 25 ℃. Please follow the method recommended by the casing factory to use it. Improper use can have a negative impact on the quality of sausages.

① The casing may be damaged before or during use, and in severe cases, it may burst during enema or sterilization. In mild cases, the casing structure may be damaged during sausage storage or sales, resulting in reduced barrier properties. Sausages may undergo premature oxidation and spoilage, or bacteria may enter the interior of the sausage, causing spoilage and loss of edible value.

② Storage of sausage casings under high temperature and humidity conditions can cause deformation, decreased shrinkage, and changes in specifications.

③ Long term storage of casing can cause deformation and loss due to incomplete storage conditions. The recommended storage period is 3 months.






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