How to judge the quality of casing?

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Jul 13,2023

1. The barrier of casing refers to the degree to which it blocks oxygen, water vapor, and fragrance. Good barrier properties can provide sausages with a longer shelf life and shelf life, avoiding returns due to spoilage during the shelf life, and ensuring that the freshness and aroma of the sausages are not lost.

2. Rationality of casing structure: A reasonable structure design of casing can provide an ideal packaging for sausages.

3. Casing film strength: good mechanical strength can meet the requirements of various filling Time clock machines, thus reducing the loss of casing film during use.

4. Stability of shrinkage rate: Refers to the consistency of the shrinkage rate of the same roll or batch of casings. If the shrinkage rate fluctuates significantly, it can cause uneven length and thickness of sausages of the same specification, which can cause a lot of trouble for you to pack and sell.

5. Color uniformity: For colored casings, a uniform color can add luster to the appearance quality of sausages, making them beautiful and attracting consumers' attention.

6. Openness of casing: Openness is crucial for the filling of sausages. If the opening is not good, the casing and filling are more difficult, which will directly affect the work efficiency of the operators.

7. Specification accuracy: refers to the strict control of the deviation of the folding diameter and thickness of the casing. Inaccurate specifications can cause uneven thickness of the sausage, and excessive thickness deviation can also cause bending and performance degradation of the sausage.

8. Transparency of casing film: For transparent casing film, good transparency is crucial for high-quality sausages. It can enable consumers to clearly see the meat texture of the sausages, attract consumers' desire to purchase, and enhance their impression of the product.

9. Soft and hard texture: A good texture will make it easy for you to use. After filling, the sausage has a strong meat texture. For molded ham, a softer casing can make its shape sharp and smooth. On the contrary, sharp edges and corners can easily cause water to flow out of the product.

10. The brightness of the casing film: makes the sausages very bright and dazzling on the shelves, making it easy to attract customers.

11. The meat viscosity of the casing film:

(1) Refers to the meat viscosity of the casing film, which can reduce the folding of water in the sausage and prevent the taste of the sausage from deteriorating.

(2) Refers to the degree of adhesion between the layers of the casing membrane, which stabilizes the structure and performance of the casing.

12. The bonding effect between layers: refers to the degree of bonding between the layers of the casing membrane, ensuring the stability of the casing structure and performance.

13. Film roll flatness: reflects the uniformity of the thickness of the casing film, but can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the product.

14. Packaging sealing: On the one hand, the outer packaging of the casing should be tightly sealed to prevent moisture absorption of the casing; The box is sturdy and reliable, preventing damage to the casing and keeping it well protected.

Ignoring the importance of casing in the processing of sausages may bring many troubles. So when choosing casings, it is important to consider both high-quality and cost-effective casings, and choosing casings that meet the requirements of the sausages you produce. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the usage method, so that the casing can play its due role and bring you






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